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Body Blendz - Sugar Glow Coffee Scrub

Designer: Body Blendz


The New and Improved version of the Suga Daddy Coffee Scrub you love!

The sweetest of them all. Sugar is good for you – for your skin, that is! Sugar contains natural humectants, agents that draw moisture from the environment and direct that moisture to the skin’s surface. Natural glycolic acids found in sugar granules gently exfoliate and brighten the skin. Combined with the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties found in coffee granules along with other natural oil, Sugar Glow Coffee Scrub will keep you grinning long after the shower.

A sugar-coated skin treatment leaving your skin touchably soft and smooth.

Invigorating, sweet smell of sugar and coffee

- Natural humectants that act as natural skin hydrators

- Natural glycolic acids that gently exfoliates and refreshes the skin

And enjoy all of the Bodyblendz Coffee Scrubs benefits:

- Deep cleanse any skin impurities

- Removes dull, dead skin cells

- Unclogs pores

- Improves circulation

- Calms down redness, puffiness and irritation

- Helps repair damaged skin cells, such as cellulite and stretch marks

* Free from plastic microbeads

* Vegan and all-natural

Ground Arabica Coffee Beans

Reduces visibility of cellulite, stretch marks and skin blemishes

Fights off aging signs and protects your skin from the years to come


Scrubs away dead skin cells without micro tearing, leaving your skin glowing

Sugar is a natural source of Glycolic Acid (Also known as an AHA) which helps exfoliate away dead skin cells, making way for fresh new ones.

A natural humectant, which means it draws moisture from the environment into the skin.

Olive Oil

Moisturizes, removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores of any excess oil

Caramel Flavour (Natural)

Yummy and sweet-smelling scent to your whole body that will last all-day

Jojoba Oil

Helps slow down the ageing process

Its essential nutrients repair and hydrate your skin

Orange Oil

Increases blood circulation and reduces the appearance of the lines and wrinkles

Defends against free radicals damage

Vitamin E

Protects your skin from sun damage

Prevents the appearance of lines and wrinkles

Nourishes your skin to keep you looking fresh and youthful